For the most amazing person in my life....
I know sometime's you think i don't love you, i don't blame you... you deserve better but i just want you to know...
Your the best person in my life, i try and show it but i don't think you really know how much i love you word's really can't describe how strong i feel about you.
I never wanna hurt you.... but i know i already have many time's, i just want us to forget the bad times & move on & i hope you can forgive me for all that i have done cuz babe i love you.
Me & You Baby:
And most of all babe i just want you to know i want us to spend the rest of our lives together and make all our plans we have come true cuz i mean i want you for a lifetime, i want the kids, the marriage & everything else that comes with true love which is what we have.
Love your baby Ian.