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 Competition Guidelines (read here first)

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Competition Guidelines (read here first) Empty
PostSubject: Competition Guidelines (read here first)   Competition Guidelines (read here first) I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 24, 2009 9:11 am

Okay so the idea of this section is for all members to earn more points.

Also when the first 3 contests were finished the rules for them were different asfrom now they are gettin changed.

What will happen is each contest i do you will need to add your name to a list before hand... why? Because this way i know which people are takin part also it ties into the next bit of information.

The next bit of the rules is - when you put your name down it will cost you a total of 20 donation points each time (points may vary on occasions) each contest will already have 50 points donated by the forum itself.

Don't understand? well the idea is there's 50 points to start with then whoever adds themself to the list to take part there's an extra 20 points each time so whoever wins will recieve all the points.

Any problems or anything you don't understand PM me.


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Competition Guidelines (read here first) Music_1 Competition Guidelines (read here first) Music_1
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Competition Guidelines (read here first)
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